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Sacred Esoteric Healing is a gentle hands-on technique where the (fully clothed) client receives healing to different parts of the body in a non-intrusive, non-invasive way.

It offers the client the time and space to stop and reflect on how they are living, with an opportunity to change their behaviours that may not be truly supporting them in living the life they would like to live. 


Esoteric Yoga – or the Yoga of Stillness is for everyone. No experience is needed and it is suited to all abilities and all ages. It entails very gentle movements that supports us to connect with our body without all the rush and busy-ness of life.

The gentle movements of Esoteric Yoga have no poses or postures and supports us enjoy our movements once again.


Chakra-puncture is an amazing health-care modality that is complementary to medicine.  Very fine needles are applied very lightly, offering a deep foundational energetic and physical support for the body. 


Chakrapuncture enables the body to rebalance and re-harmonise itself, enabling a return to true vitality.  It offers someone the chance to let go and surrender to the deep stillness - that connection with our inner being - that lies within us all. It is a modern day technique that has its roots in the Ancient Wisdom teachings. 


Connective tissue therapy (ECTT) is a gentle hands-on technique applied to a clothed client using gentle movements to enhance the flow of the connective tissue fluids.

This gentle movement supports the body to release any areas of tension and hardness which helps to restore the body’s natural balance within the organ systems and the musculoskeletal system. The connective tissue is very sensitive and ideally it supports the body to move in a fluid and flexible, pain-free way.  This web of sensitive tissue connects with the muscles and tendons throughout the body.  After receiving a session of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy many clients say they feel deeply relaxed – and often fall asleep during the session as they relax and let go. They report feeling at ease – and thereafter feel more able to move more easily and cope with life in general. 



Esoteric Massage is a beautiful healing modality in which gentle massage is used to support the body to heal itself.


Ingrained energetic and physical imbalances can be addressed, supporting the restoration of the right flow of energy in and throughout the body. This enables it to return to its natural flow of movement and expression. This form of massage is unique and unlike any other massage technique practised. There is no pressure, no deep tissue work and no pain is experienced. 


Esoteric Massage is a great way for someone to reconnect back to themselves, to have a stop moment in a busy life, to let go, feel their inner stillness and deeply heal.

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